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Hey! If you’re trying to connect with me, you’ve come to the right place. I look forward to reading every single email that comes my way. Now I’m sure you know how timely that can be. And even though every attempt to contact me will be acknowledged and appreciated, they won’t all be responded to (a man’s got moves to make, you know?). But if I can help you in any way that of course isn’t in someway unethical, or uncool, I’ll gladly do my best. Let’s just keep it travel related.

I’m also open to suggestions and to meeting up if we happen to be in the same place at the same time.

Words to the wise:

As I’ve previously stated on the legal disclaimer page, I cannot and will not provide any kind of legal, professional or medical advice, since frankly, I’m not qualified to do that sort of awesome stuff. The only thing I can do is comment on my personal experience.

If I receive the same questions repeatedly, rather than answer each by email one by one, I may dedicate a post to answering the questions. In those cases, a response to an email will likely not be provided.

Guest posts requests will be reviewed/considered but in all honesty, I reserve the right to decline them.

Any attempts to contact me made by public relations representatives will likely be ignored, or declined after further revision (nothing personal!).

Other business proposals in the form of partnerships in exchange for commissions, goods and or services (sponsorship, ads) will be considered (but again, don’t be offended if offers are declined.)

Also, I’d really appreciate not being added to any mailing lists of any kind (again, nothing personal), mailing lists just aren’t my cup of orange juice.

As for other blog rolls, although it’s certainly humbling and very cool to be added to someone’s blog roll, and even though there are unwritten rules about how to reciprocate once added to someone’s blog roll; I once again reserve the right to not respond to a blog roll addition in kind (nothing personal, again).

Now that the boring (but necessary) stuff is out of the way, I’m at your disposal. Email me at

I look forward to chatting with you.
Drift on, and prosper.


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