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It sounds a little corny because its been quoted so many times, but when people say invest in experiences instead of material goods, it’s true. It’s far more meaningful. I often sit and think about the places I’ve been, the people I’ve come to know, the food I’ve eaten, music I’ve danced to, and moments I’ve lived. What I definitely don’t do is walk around starry-eyed and reminiscent about my ridiculous sneaker collection (which I’ve been liquidating for months), clothes or any of the gadgets I own. After a while, material things, no matter how rare or expensive, lose their appeal (except books, I love them and will never stop buying them). 

Now that I’ve guilted you into being less of a consumer, here’s What I Miss Most About Cities Around The World!


Drift Away - Travel Blog - Unsplash Beijing

I visited Beijing during the annual Dragon Boat Festival (beginning of June). What struck me was the incredible amount of history on display via world heritage sites like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. In case you don’t know, China’s history predates many other modern countries. It truly is rich in that sense. It was remarkable to see how many Chinese were also impressed with their own culture. That sort of pride isn’t found all over the world. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

San Juan:

Drift Away - Travel Blog - Unsplash - Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was beautiful. The beaches, the castles, the people, the warmth, they were all simply beautiful. Very few cities have caused me to seriously consider relocating after a day or two, San Juan, Puerto Rico is one of them. It also has a great art scene. How could I not miss art?

Koh Phangan:

Drift Away - Travel Blog - Unsplash - Koh Samui

I may have mentioned this in another blog post, but I’d live this trip over and over again. Everything from my ferry ride over the clear baby blue water to meeting new awesome friends to taking a 30 minute drunk nap on a random staircase in the middle of the half-moon party, all of it. I can’t think of many experiences that top getting to know so many different yet equally cool people in a more chilled out setting than on a tropical island in Thailand.


Drift Away - Travel Blog - Unsplash - Bangkok

I miss how intense the city of Bangkok was. Thai people have a global reputation for being laid back, and they certainly are. BUT, the sheer number of people, travelers, insane heat, temples, food vendors, tuk-tuks, lady boys and just about everything else, can easily weigh someone down if they aren’t prepared. Personally, I loved it.

Ho Chi Minh City:

Drift Away - Travel Blog - Unsplash - Vietnam

Another city overflowing with history and culture that I thoroughly enjoyed. Blazing heat aside, the people in HCMC have a certain laissez faire vibe about them that caught me by surprise. To be honest, I was expecting a smaller version of China. But what I found instead was a country that has a long history, that was still discovering itself, but nevertheless had a firm grasp on its own identity. HCMC is also a great pitstop before checking other countries in southeast Asia like Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and more.


Drift Away - Travel Blog - Unsplash - Taipei

Taipei is still one of my favourite travel experiences. Never before had I met so many likeminded people in one place and gotten to know them in literally a matter of minutes. Smart and open-minded conversations, willingness to explore and just all around amazing vibes, that’s what sold me on Taipei. Oh and the view in the picture above, that wasn’t half bad either.


Drift Away - Travel Blog - Unsplash - Philippines

Endless VIBES! Beautiful weather, beach barbecues, snorkeling, parties with strangers, motorcycle rides and more, it was all so simple and so lovely. Boracay is one of three places where I met some truly incredible, free-spirited people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. It’s also one of the places that has the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. It’s like being in a dream you never want to wake up from.


Drift Away - Travel Blog - Unsplash - Tokyo

I miss Tokyo for the importance the Japanese place on their culture. They’re devoted in every sense. They put their all into their food, architecture, anime and more. I also miss the different personalities of every single district. Tokyo was and still is, in my opinion, way ahead of its time. I often consider what it would be like to live there for a while. I haven’t ruled the idea out entirely.


Drift Away - Travel Blog - Unsplash - Kyoto

I loved Tokyo, but may have loved Kyoto more. The tempo of the city matches my personality perfectly. It’s not fast-paced, but it moves along steadily and confidently. There’s a much more traditional feel to Kyoto, and that is reflected in the style of dress of some of the people seen walking around there. But of course what blew me away about Kyoto was the insane beauty of the temples. I mean, you probably can’t think of too many places on Earth where you can find a golden temple sitting in the middle of a lake. Seriously Kyoto, how high were you trying to raise the bar dammit?!?!


Drift Away - Travel Blog - Unsplash - Rome

Believe the hype. Rome is actually that impressive. It’s like walking through history in the present day. I’m almost confused as to how well this city is preserved. How in the hell did somebody cram so many historical, architectural, artistic masterpieces into one freaking city? And at walking distance? Who did this?! I demand to be taken to the one responsible, at once! And while you’re at it, bring me a side order of everything on every restaurant menu, as well as whoever designs all these Italian suits. Make it snappy!

What do you miss most about your travels? What do you look forward to the most? Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you!

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