Never before in the entire history of travel have there been as many opportunities to explore the world. The Internet makes the opportunities for travel limitless: thousands of travel bloggers, online booking agencies, accommodation sites, digital guides to any destination you can imagine and more. I take pride in being able to find cheap deals for friends, family, readers and myself. With that in mind, it’s not always easy. We don’t all have the patience, time or the savvy to dig up the best deals. To make things as simple as possible, I’ve put together a short and sweet list of my favourite travel deal sites right now.

Here are My Top 5 Travel Sites for BIG Savings! Check ’em out below.

Daily Trip Hack:

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Daily Trip Hack is by far my most used travel resource right now. They update their site with new travel deals every single day. For someone like me who choses the fare before the destination it’s an irreplaceable tool. The deals you’ll find on here will send you all over the world for prices so cheap, they seriously seem like mistakes. This is one site that’s worth taking a few seconds to sign up for. Trust me.

Secret Flying:

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The Secret Flying team are pretty damn enthusiastic about traveling. Much like Daily Trip Hack, they’re constantly hunting the web for great deals to relay their followers. They’ve even put together this colourful world map to allow readers to choose which destinations they want their deals to come from. They’re useful, practical and well-designed. What more do you want from a travel site?

Thrifty Traveler:

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Jared, aka the Thrifty Traveler runs his site as a labour of love. He’s not the guy that quit his job to travel around the world doing odd jobs to fund his trips. He’s not a trust fund baby. However, he is pretty freaking amazing at finding sweet deals to pretty much everywhere on Earth. His site is easy to navigate, and has a permanent space in the “Recently Visited” section of my browser history. Go to his page, subscribe and love it.
Cruises Sheet:

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I’m not a huge cruise guy. It’s like the speed dating version of visiting countries. But lately, I’ve been contemplating going on my first cruise ever. Sometimes not having to think or work too hard does the mind, body and soul some good. I stumbled onto this site randomly and it stuck with me. Even though I’m not a cruise fanatic, I understand that some travelers genuinely enjoy this type of travel, and they deserve to travel on the cheap too! Also, I shouldn’t knock it before I try it. If you’re a cruiser, there’s no way you don’t find something great on this site.
Rome 2 Rio:

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Rome 2 Rio is an award winning, Melbourne based travel site that took on the mega task of organizing the world’s travel info. Whether you’re traveling by air, land or water, looking for accommodations or just a simple car rental; they’re super talented team has you covered. This site has only been on my radar for a little while, but I think it’s here to stay.

Which sites do you use to book cheap travel? Drop some knowledge in the comment section below! Spread the love!

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