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Sure, Snapchat is the cool new kid on the block, but Instagram is the popular kid that everyone, their mother, and their mother’s mother still loves, a lot. Sometimes, I scroll through the photo collecting app aimlessly and marvel at how gorgeous the world truly is through the eyes of so many amazing people. I discover neat new accounts every single day, especially in the travel niche. To some people, it’s just a silly app. To others, it’s a source of inspiration, creativity, a great way to network and maybe even learn a thing or 10 about photography in the digital age. This group of instagrammers, are in my humble opinion, la creme de la creme.

Follow These 10 Jaw Dropping Instagram Travel Accounts Right Now!

Follow GLOGRAPHICS [Gloria Atanmo] – Followers: 17.7K

Gloria Atanmo Instagram

Gloria’s an amazing American solo female travel blogger. She writes for the Huffington Post, Elite Daily and the Matador Network among others. She has 31 countries under her belt, is full of life, jokes and has a frequently updated, colourful, “I wish I had your life” kind of Instagram account. Expect to see pictures of her looking stylish in all sorts of hot countries across the world, having delicious meals and the occasional beer.

Follow THECITYSIDEWALKS [Ana Dominguez] – Followers: 16.8K

Ana Dominguez Instagram

Ana definitely has the whole Instagram thing mastered. She has a super clean, well-curated account with shots of her travels, nature, architecture and scenes of every day life that make you feel as though you’re right there with her. She’s also the creator of  The City Sidewalks Blog. Check out her blog, you’ll be ridiculously impressed. Oh, and she can even teach you how to step your own Instagram game up!

Follow TRAVELNOIRE [Community] – Followers: 240K

Travel Noire Instagram

Meet Travel Noire [if you haven’t already]. This breathtaking Instagram account is an entire platform of cultural awesomeness. Every single one of their photos makes you want to jump through your screen right into the scene in front of you. Travel Noire’s aim is simple: “we create tools, resources & experiences to help travelers discover their next journey.”

Follow TRAVELISTHENEWCLUB [Community] – Followers: 40.3K

Travel Is The New Club Instagram

If this account doesn’t convince you to pack your bags, book a flight and take a trip, I don’t know what will. It’s filled with photos of beautiful people traveling the world, living life the way it’s meant to be lived (if you subscribe to a travel lifestyle that is). There are also tidbits of sharp, practical and hilarious advice in the form of travel notes courtesy of the management team. This is definitely one of my favourite accounts right now, and has been for a while! Visit their website for more!

Follow GRIND2GETFREE [Mitch & Jimmy] – Followers: 11.9K

Grind 2 Get Free Instagram

Mitch and Jimmy are definitely doing life and Instagram the right way. They have a very simple approach, work as much as you need to, so you can travel as much as you want to. I don’t know about you, but personally, I love that mentality. We can’t all travel full-time for the rest of our lives and we’re not all willing to work during our travels, but we can definitely work then reward ourselves with travel. Not to mention, their visuals will give even the most dedicated couch potato the urge to get up and go! Hit these guys up on Facebook to find out more of what they’re about!

Follow THELAVISHNOMAD [Vedante Prashar] – Followers: 867

The Lavish Nomad Instagram

I’m a big fan of this account for a couple of reasons. First, great thematic photography with consistent content. Second, this account is proof that you don’t have to have a billion followers to have a top notch account, in fact, I suspect that if Vedante keeps it up, his follow count will soon skyrocket. Last but not least, he’s a new travel blogger, just like me and I love seeing my peers do awesome things. I have to give credit where it’s due, and so should you. Check out the Lavish Nomad blog for more about Vedante and his adventures.

Follow SOULSOCIETY [Community] – Followers: 46.9K

Soul Society Instagram

I’m really digging this account. It’s travel friendly. It’s food friendly. And it’s unapologetically black. There’s this really strange urban legend or myth floating around that people of African heritage don’t travel. Well, Soul Society is taking that notion and throwing it right out of the window. On this account you’ll see smiling, glowing, food loving travelers of caramel and chocolate complexion enjoying life to the fullest through travel. Hit up the Soul Society website for more!

Follow THEWANDERLUSTBUG [Liberty Barrons] – Followers: 10.3K

The Wanderlust Bug Instagram

Alright, let’s talk about awe-inspiring. Not only is her name synonymous with travel, her Instagram should be synonymous with drop dead beautiful as well. It’s everything you could possibility want out of an insta-gallery: great settings, vivid colours and interesting places. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was inspired by this account every single time I see new photos on Liberty’s page. Her blog is The Wanderlust Bug, and you should read it, a lot.

Follow ONEIKATRAVELLER [Oneika Raymond] – Followers: 7.4K

Oneika Traveller Instagram

She travels. She writes. She teaches. She’s Canadian. She’s an expat. She’s fearless. And her Instagram account will only reaffirm the previous statements. Another female traveler that’s full of life and that has an account that I never mind scrolling through to see her new experiences. She’s been in the blogging game for a long time and has some very impressive posts on her blog, after you read the next entry, go there!

Follow CULTURALXPLORER [Chanel Brown] – Followers: 2.3K

Cultural Xplorer Instagram

Chanel is living proof that you can cover lots of ground even while traveling part-time. She’s been around the world, but lately she’s been taking in the sites and experiences in her own (American) backyard. If you want to see pictures of cool places, mouthwatering food and get a dose of all the culture floating around in the United States, this growing Instagram account will be right up your alley. She also details her adventures through her blog, it’s definitely worth the read.

Bonus – Follow GODRIFTAWAY [Kyle Bernard] 

Drift Away Instagram

I’m just a Trinidadian born kid, raised in Montreal, Canada who loves to travel and take pictures. I love all the beauty the world has to offer. I love how it makes me feel. I love how it challenges people to rethink their purpose in life. I love how travel breaks down boundaries. My Instagram is simply a tool to help reflect one of my passions. Stop by, get inspired, show some love.

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Do you love Instagram as much as me? What are some of your favourite travel accounts on the ‘Gram? Leave some feedback below. I’m always looking for new and incredible accounts to follow!

10 Jaw Dropping Instagram Travel Accounts

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