The world is only big enough for two types of travelers: the ones that make it look easy, and the rest. You don’t have to spend years living out of a backpack or suitcase to travel like a pro. Enter the Internet and an infinite amount of cheats, tips, tricks and hacks to make traveling as easy for you as it is for me.

Learn How To Travel Cheaper And Smarter With These 10 Hacks

Be A Land Rover:

It can be a drag if you need to get somewhere quickly, but if you’re not in a rush traveling by land has major upside. With more reasonable booking schedules than most airlines, affordable pricing (if booked correctly), and of course, the fact that you’ll take in much more of the city or country you’re visiting, land travel should always be an option throughout your travels.

Do As The Locals Do:

You left the western world, arrived in a beautiful far off land, to eat McDonald’s and sit around in Starbucks? You’re missing out on local culture! Providing it’s safe, hang out in local spots, eat local food and get a glimpse into their true way of life. Dig deeper into a country’s personality and save a boatload of cash while you’re at it. Local prices are always much cheaper.

Extra Freshness:

Baggage handlers don’t exactly care to handle your luggage delicately. Not to mention, your bags are exposed to the elements or kept in dusty, musty cargo space for the entire flight. Keep the contents of your baggage smelling fresh with a few dryer sheets. You can also use them throughout your trip if ever you get the chance to do some laundry.

Forever Fragile:

Remember a few moments ago when I told you baggage handlers are rough with your luggage? That was unfair of me to put all the blame on them. Here’s how you can increase the chances of your luggage being treated with dignity and respect: mark them as fragile. Ask for the stickers at the airport or buy/create your own and stick them where they’ll be seen.

Pack Light:

Think about where you’re going. What type of weather will it be? What types of activities will you be doing? How long will you be staying? Will you have access to a laundry service? As much as possible, keep what you pack on the same colour palette for easier outfit coordination. Once you’ve finished packing, remove half of what you thought you needed. Time to hit the road.

Privacy Please:

“This site uses cookies to enhance your user experience.” Well, cookies (not the girl scout kind that Morgan Freeman loves) are also used by airline sites to track your flight searches, that way they can raise the prices on what you search for. Pretty underhanded huh? Solution: activate private browsing or use a VPN. One more win for the good guys.

Say No To Guidebooks:

What’s the point of giving up valuable space in your luggage (especially if you’re a backpacker) and leaving something more practical behind? There are tons of free smartphone apps (some can be used without data) with detailed guides. But what’s even better than an app? A human being! Reach out to someone from the city you’re visiting, buy them a drink, befriend them and they’ll more than likely be thrilled to show you around.

Sim (Simma):

Congratulations! You booked a ridiculously cheap flight. You were savvy enough to research accommodations thoroughly and saved big. You lived like a local, did it for the ‘Gram, made new friends and even better memories. Sounds ideal right? Not if you go home to a 25348354 billion dollar phone bill. Get a local sim card for your mobile and avoid a post trip depression (or heart attack). You’ve been warned.


Got an old wallet? Great! Fill it with every single useless card you own. You know, expired credit cards, old points cards, random notes and maybe some arcade tokens for good measure. Put it in your back pocket and let thieves help themselves to it. Because between you and I, the real one is somewhere much more secure.

The Power Of Plastic:

If you’re heading to a beach or anywhere near water for that matter, a plastic bag will be your best friend. They’re see-through so you can still capture photos or videos. They protect from water damage. And best of all, they’re super cheap. Pack an entire box and give them to travelers who are (obviously) less cool than you.

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