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We should make it a point to enjoy the moments we experience throughout our travels. But let’s face it, we’re still going to photograph and film a lot of what we see when we’re out in the world. We photograph and film things for lots of reasons; to document our memories, to share our experiences, for blogging purposes, as hobbies or simply because everyone else is doing it. Most of these pictures will probably end up on a dusty USB key, or in your computer’s trash can. But some will prevail, some will take you right back to the moments you took them and give you intense feelings of nostalgia. And in a sense, that makes it all worth it.

Just over a year ago, I packed my bags and took my talents to China. It was impulsive, exciting and entirely foreign all at the same time. The prospect of travel had always enticed me, but never in a million years could I have imagined how beautiful the ensuing year would be. I’ve befriended some of the most intriguing and insightful people, tasted mouthwatering dishes, and witnessed the most seductive sunsets. Here’s some of the travel photography I’ve accumulated over the past 12-14 months.


Drift Away Travel Blog - Rome, Italy -

Architecture – Rome, Italy

I loved Rome. After years of hearing about this beautiful city and seeing it in TV shows and movies, it lived up to and surpassed the standards. It’s an incredibly charming and historically rich city. The people are stylish, the food is delicious and there’s no shortage of things to do.


Drift Away Travel Blog - Sunset in Harbin China

Sunset – Harbin, China

Drift Away Travel Blog - View Of Harbin Skyline China

Swan Castle View – Harbin, China

Drift Away Travel Blog - Temples

Buddhist Temple, China

Drift Away Travel Blog - Beijing, China - Dragon's Throne

Dragon Throne – (Forbidden City), Beijing, China

China, the country I called home for the majority of the past year or so, is a different world, especially for people coming from western culture. It has one of the longest histories in the world. It has the world’s highest population, and an enormous land mass. It’s crazy, yet logical. It’s bustling, but tranquil. Depending on where you go and who you meet in China, you may love it or hate it. But regardless, it’s worth a visit, even if only to taste the incredible food.


Drift Away Travel Blog - Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Floating – Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Drift Away Travel Blog - Vietnam Mekong Delta

Locals Floating – Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Drift Away Travel Blog - Vietnam Scooters

Scooters – HCMC, Vietnam

Drift Away Travel Blog - Saigon Central Post Office

Saigon Central Post Office – HCMC, Vietnam

Vietnam was by far one of the most difficult countries I’ve navigated. People think of the Vietnam war with the US as soon as they hear the word “Vietnam.” But the country is so much more than that. It has beautiful landscapes, beaches, towers, temples and more. It’s definitely worth seeing.


Drift Away Travel Blog - Tokyo Japan Nightlife

Downtown Nightlife – Tokyo, Japan

Drift Away Travel Blog - Tokyo, Japan - Mori Art Museum

Mori Art Museum (Dinh Q. Le Exhibit) – Tokyo, Japan

Drift Away Travel Blog - Kyoto, Japan - Stone Garden

Stone Garden – Kyoto, Japan

Drift Away Travel Blog - Arashiyama District - Kyoto Japan

Lake View – Arashiyama District, Kyoto, Japan

Japan was a surreal experience for me. I didn’t know it was possible for one nation to be so in sync with a particular way of life. No matter what a person’s occupation, it seems as though they perform each task with laser like accuracy and perfection in mind. I was treated with profound sincerity and humility during my time in Japan. I can’t honestly say I was held to such high regard as a human being anywhere else in the world.


Drift Away Travel Blog - Taipei, Taiwan - Skyline view from Elephant Mountain

Taipei 101 & Skyline from Elephant Mountain – Taipei, Taiwan

Drift Away Travel Blog - Taipei, Taiwan - Temples

Buddhist Temple Interior – Taipei, Taiwan

The people of Taiwan are known for their friendly and helpful approach to life, and with good reason. Like the Japanese, the Taiwanese have a very humble approach to their interactions. Not to mention, Taipei is brimming with activities to do. I could spend years in Taiwan and not have my fill.


Drift Away Travel Blog - Boracay, Philippines - Sunset

White Beach Sunset – Boracay, Philippines

Boracay was paradise. The perfect mixture of fine white sand, teal-coloured water, sunshine, music, food and people. Although the island is quickly becoming the go-to place to party and unwind in the Philippines and may soon lose some of its island charm, I’ll never forget the wonderful time I had there. I plan on returning sooner than later.

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