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Contrary to popular belief, life actually is very simple. It’s as easy as traveling often, making sweet sweet love, eating good food, laughing as loud as you can, listening to great music and, oh yea, going to the beach. I was born in Trinidad, and beaches are definitely one of the things Trinidad is known for. Dive into some of Trinidad’s best beaches.

Maracas Bay: By and large Trinidad’s most popular/beautiful northern beach. Maracas beach combine’s baby blue water, fine white sand and more delicious bake and shark huts than your heart could ever desire. Lots of nearby facilities and amenities (hotels). You can even camp there with the right permit. Do not leave without a shark and bake sandwich; it’ll be the biggest mistake of your life. The nearest body of water is the Atlantic Ocean, so it’s worth avoiding from November to April due to rougher waters (unless you’re a surfer.)

Manzanilla: If you want to work on your tan, Manzanilla (Southeast portion of the island) is the beach for you. Rent a nearby guesthouse for a week or two and relax. On duty lifeguards in certain areas of the beach keep the waters safe.

Quinam Beach: This is the equivalent, but less popular version of Maracas Bay. Cool and calm waters make it a great swimming beach. Fine brown sand makes it a beautiful place to relax. Tourists will feel more than welcome there with all of the nearby amenities, great beach for group trips. There are also a few hiking paths that lead into the woods if you’re the adventurous outdoorsy type.

Grande-Riviere: Another great beach for anyone with an inner outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman). One amazing thing about Grande-Riviere that you won’t see on many other beaches anywhere is a huge amount of leatherback turtles, particularly between March and August. The nearby forest makes it very tempting for hikers. There are also quality guesthouses to make you feel right at home.

Blanchisseuse: A gorgeous waterfall a short distance away makes this beach another must-see for the hiker types. There are also hiking trails leading into the beautiful rainforest. Perfect beach for someone looking to get away for a few weekends and get in touch with nature. Guesthouses and vacation rentals are available nearby.


Tyrico Bay: Think of this beach as Maracas Bay’s socially awkward but still cool little brother. Within striking distance of Maracas Bay, but not as big and far less crowded. Similar amenities to Maracas Bay and unlike some of the less popular beaches, lifeguards are available from morning to evening, Monday to Sunday.

Las Cuevas Bay: If you’ve already perfected your tan but still want to enjoy the beach bum life, Las Cuevas Bay is where it’s at. Great water and small caves all around make it the perfect beach for keeping cool. There’s no shortage of facilities there either. Snacks, tables, showers with a changing area and more are all available on site. Similar to Maracas Bay, avoid during the months of November through April.

Macqueripe Bay: Also located in Chaguaramas, this is another small, secluded beach. Head down to the end of Tucker Valley Road for a bit of zip lining or for a cool swim. Avoid from November to April.

Balandra Bay: Great for swimmers and body surfers alike. Waters do get notably rougher once you approach the end point of Balandra Bay.

Salybia Bay: Ideal for any surfers looking to catch waves, especially from November to April. Great for swimming during calmer waters between June and September. If you travel far enough to the eastern side of the beach you’ll eventually see the boarder of a nearby reef. There are also recently built beach facilities to make your beach day a little easier.

Do you have any beach stories or suggestions? Let me know in the comment section!

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